This very special piece by Ryan Woodward that we are happy to share with you all.

You can learn more about its creation in the official Webpage  http://conteanimated.com/the-animation/thought-of-you/

Wonderful performance… beautiful kisses and a child that, in their loving arms, seems light as a feather…

Miracle, strength, care, good will, coincidence… or all together… sometimes almost hopeless hope becomes real.  It was already deeply moving to see this dog being rescued after days adrift but the reunion with his owner has crowned this happy ending.  Let us never give up on hope!


¿Cómo algo sencillo puede regalarnos unos minutos de felicidad?

Algo originalmente simple puede ser mágico. Estos artistas italianos lo consiguen con una linda música y un “dibujante veloz” capaz de acompañar a esa música. Una buena idea y una excelente realización.

Este es mi regalo para ti hoy, disfrútalo.

MUSIC PAINTING – Glocal Sound – Matteo Negrin

.. . can be found in this great little  Cliché  by Cédric Villain, who never ate a frog, doesn’t like wine and only drinks champagne a couple of times a year… as he confesses at  http://www.cedric-villain.info/cliche/ where you can find both the French and the English version of this short film that will most certainly make you laugh!

Take 4 minutes to meet the beautiful mess inside this song we love… “Far, far” by Yael Naim… makes it look possible to give birth to your dreams…